Monday, October 4, 2010

Identity Crisis of Home

So a few weeks have flown by with numerous things happening in life. One day I'll post pictures of my apartment, but let's just say that I am not a neat person so that could be awhile before it is presentable!

I went to the Brewers' game with my free tickets from PantherFest. It was a good time of course, minus the Brewers losing. I dropped my camera at the game, which is actually pretty normal since I’m klutzy, but this time it was a drop too many. I was pretty bummed that it broke because I had many photos left to take at the game. When I got home I ordered a new one, because I can’t go anywhere without a camera, hence all my photos on here!

My new orange camera!

Racing Sausages at the game!

I bought a futon as well. I would HIGHLY recommend Ruelle’s Furniture in Milwaukee. It was really cheap and they delivered it and set it up for me for free. The man told me he’d give me a “Pretty Woman Special” of a cheaper price.

I was experiencing a little home sickness of just not being able to see my family when they got together so I went to the closest thing to home I got. Two weekends ago I headed to Chicago to visit my dad’s side of the family. Although it wasn’t really home, it had some of the aspects of home. It was nice to see everyone since I hadn’t seen most of them for over a year!

This past weekend was a very eventful weekend for me. I had been counting down the days. I FINALLY got to go home! My last school was 20 minutes from home and my dad worked there so I could go home whenever I wanted even if it was just for supper. I flew from Milwaukee to Minneapolis where a friend of mine picked me up. I was so glad to be “home,” although all I was was in Minnesota! Just being able to be in the cities was home enough to me. I stayed at my friends’ house and then Friday we headed up for homecoming weekend. I got to stop at my house before headed to my other “home” the College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University. When we finally pulled up to my house I was so excited to be “home” and again when I got on campus I felt so at “home!” It’s funny how these two places are still homes to me.

My undergrad is actually two schools, St. John’s (boys) and St. Ben’s (girls). Although we have two campuses, one for each gender to live at, we are one academic institution. They are about 6 miles apart and a bus constantly runs between them. More or less you never notice you go to an all girls’ school. Football is a huge part of life at school so I was so excited for Johnnie football. The game was against our biggest rival and they were expecting 20,000 people in the little town of about a thousand people! Everyone was wearing red and the atmosphere was great. I really miss school spirit and the staple of going to Saturday football games! We ate at our favorite restaurants and just hung out all weekend which was just what I needed.

Sea of Red (Student Section)

After we finished body painting the guys

Some of my best friends from St. Ben's

I also spent time with my family, seeing as they are also alums from my undergrad some of them also went to the game which we loss, 27-26 in OT L My niece is turning two next week so we celebrated her birthday along with my mom and brother in laws. I visited with my neighbors and got to see their baby kittens which we only a week old when I saw them last! My family has a small apple orchard which I have missed apple season. I brought back about 30 apples in my suitcase and was so happy when I went to pick some. Seeing the trees by my house made me realize that fall is occurring and I don’t even notice in Milwaukee!

Sofia wearing her Elmo shirt I got her

Fall pictures, and pictures of the kittens

After accomplishing nothing schoolwise all weekend and sleeping on floors and couches I was really excited to return “home.” It is funny that I told my mom I couldn’t wait to go back home (Milwaukee.) As I move from my parents’ house to undergrad to Milwaukee, I feel that I still have more than one home. I get homesick for each one depending on where I am. Eventually, Milwaukee will take over my undergrad home, but there will always be homecoming which will remind me each year why I loved my undergrad home.

The next few weeks will be busy with midterms looming!

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  1. Susan,
    I'm glad you got to go home, relax, see the family, and just have a great time. EVeryone needs an escape sometimes, and I believe Homecoming at your alma mater is a perfect way to do that. As a matter of fact, I go this weekend to mine for that exact reason.

    Keep being strong, and you will make it though. Milwaukee will soon feel more like home to you.