Friday, October 8, 2010

Traveling Home

Last weekend I went home to go to a wedding. When I went to school in Pittsburgh, going home meant a 24 hour bus ride each way on a greyhound, so needless to say, the idea of 6 hours on a megabus thrilled me. I got my tickets for ten dollars each way about a month prior.

My trip home was awesome. The megabus is like the Ritz-Carlton of transportation for the middle class. I ended up sitting next to this kid who didn’t try to be friends with me at all, didn’t talk, didn’t even look at me twice. For me, that’s perfect. Although I have met some pretty cool people on buses, it’s so annoying listening to someone talk for six or more hours about their life.

The wedding I went to was awesome. It was for a close family friend that I have known my whole life. My sister was in the wedding so I spent the whole day there with her. Me and my sister are very close so it was nice to get to see her again.

Here's a picture of us two at the wedding together.

My bus back left at 7 in the morning on Sunday. When I got to Minneapolis, there was a marathon going on and all the streets were blocked off. I didn’t get to the bus stop until 7:03 and I silently watched my bus leave without me. My friend who had given me the ride said, “I have internet on my phone, give me your credit card and I will just find you another ticket that leaves tonight.” Well later I found out that he had bought the ticket for the WRONG day! I had to buy another ticket so that I could get back to school on time for class Monday, in the end the bus trip ended up costing me over 100 dollars!

Tonight I am leaving to go home again for the weekend. My sister surprised me with tickets so that I could go shopping with her, see my 7-year-old nephew for the first time since school started, and go to a family bonfire. I hope that this trip home goes as well as the last, and that the trip back to school goes smoothly without any problems.

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