Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lazy Sundays? I Think Not!

Hello again, I found the first few Sundays here incredibly boring, mostly because nothing ever happens in general, but this last one was a different story. My friends and I headed out on a journey to who knows where at 4:30 on Sunday. After changing our destination multiple times we decided to head down to the Third Ward. Let me tell you this, a group of eight people will take a long time to get somewhere if there's only a rough idea of where it is. We got ourselves by Lake Michigan after a bit. There was a lone kite being flown, dogs being walked, ducks running around, and my personal favorite, a couple having professional pictures done of them that kept popping up where we were. Eventually we said hi to them, rather loudly.

Eventually we hit downtown and followed the color coded signs down to the Riverwalk. Instead of heading north, we headed south. By this point it had started to get dark out, we all had generally good moods. We headed back down the other way, ended up on the opposite side of the river, and finally we found the greatest monument to American culture ever, the Bronze Fonz. Needless to say we were all pretty excited. Unfortunately our Senator didn't make it into the picture seeing as he volunteered to take it.

After that glorious moment we went to dinner at Applebee's where, lets be honest, nothing really exciting ever happens. On Sunday however, we were pretty sure we watched a guy die and be taken off in an ambulance. Not exactly the thing you want to see at dinner, but hey it's life. Anyways, we headed back on a bus after that and resumed our usual activities in our lounge, which we seem to be the only ones using here.

Until next time folks.

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