Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hello to All!! -Jenna

Hi everyone!!
I hope your classes are going well and you're enjoying college life! I've had tests so far in all of my classes, so I know what to expect in that aspect. Sometimes I find it hard to manage my class load with work and hanging out with friends. I like to take a break and talk to my oldest sister. She is exactly like me and she helps to put a new perspective on things. What do you guys do if you feel overwhelmed? Feel free to comment on here!!

Family Weekend was this past weekend and my mom and stepdad came up for it. We went and toured the library which was very informative. I love the renovations that they have done and I know come finals time my roommate and I will be living in there! We had dinner together with my sister and brother in law on Saturday night and then I spent the night at their apartment. They are closing on their first house on the 15th and I have been informed I am theirs for the weekend. :] On Sunday morning we went to The Original Pancake House and I ate so much food!! It was the first time I had had breakfast since leaving for school.

I showed my mom and stepdad around Cambridge Commons and they were very impressed. My mom was blown away by the cafeteria and the choices that we had. She kept saying that she had nothing of the sorts when she went to school! I talked to a lady about how much I enjoyed the variety of foods that were available and I was able to tell her about my stale nacho chips that I had once. She said that student feedback was vital to helping them improve their service. I love living in the residence halls. My roommate and I are starting to decorate our room (okay, a little late, I know!!) I am going home next weekend and picking up a futon and we're getting some posters and things to liven up our room. Since this is basically the place that you spend a majority of time in, you have to enjoy being in it. Pictures from home have helped a lot as well as the blanket that my mom made me when I was young. Do you guys have mementos in your room that help you remember home?

Last Tuesday was the first meeting of the Pre Vet Club and I had to work, so I missed it. I wasn't very happy that I couldn't make the meeting, but that is life. I am very excited to get involved in this club because I think it will look good on my application to vet school. There are tons of clubs and activities to get involved in on campus. Does anyone have any suggestions for readers or past experiences in these clubs? I am so excited that more people are reading our blogs! I am happy to be a part of this and to give readers an insight into living in the residence halls!!

Have a great week guys!


  1. Ned would be proud

  2. Thanks "anonymous!!" :] I'm glad you follow my blog.