Friday, October 15, 2010


Many students around the UWM campus will probably let you know that this week is midterms. This will be my first time taking midterms because the colleges that I went to previous to UWM never gave them. This semester has been one of my hardest, and not solely because its just really hard, but mostly because I am taking the last of my GER credits… you know, the ones you leave until the end because they are so horrible you can’t even imagine taking them by choice? Yeah, that’s what my whole schedule looks like. Typically when I sign up for classes I always just do what looks good on paper, I never really think about how much work I will have to put into them.

This Saturday I am going to the Social Justice Summit held at UWM. It’s an all-day event to help students learn more about social justice through conversation, workshops, and speakers. Aside from being interested in the issue, I think its important to get involved outside of your comfort zone in college… you never know when a question on an application for something will ask you what you have done to enhance your awareness around campus.

Did you know that the UWinteriM schedule has been posted on PAWS? It is classes that you can take over winter break for credit. I have decided not to take any, instead my friend from Korea (who is currently studying abroad in Mexico) is coming to visit me, and we are traveling to Chicago for Christmas, New York for New Years, and hopefully we will be able to squeeze in a trip to Philadelphia somewhere in there. We already bought our bus tickets and are scoping out hostels now.

I have been looking into studying abroad next year. I haven’t taken a trip to the CIE office yet because I have been trying to figure out a lot on my own first. I want to go to somewhere Spanish-speaking, but I am trying not to jump the gun, my parents already think I have done WAY too much because I transferred schools once already (apparently, to them, that means I can’t make valid decisions on my own anymore). I am just taking everything one day at a time...

Good luck on midterms everyone!

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