Sunday, August 29, 2010

All Moved In

Well Milwaukee, as unsure about getting here as I was I've been here since 9:30 yesterday morning. I'm moved in, I got some awesome sleep after a day where I didn't get any, and I'm getting used to being away from home. I woke up and packed up the last of my things at 6:30 Saturday morning and my family and I were out of my house a little before 8. Driving to Milwaukee from Madison always feels a lot longer than it actually is, especially when I stayed up way too late Skypeing(correct spelling?) with my girlfriend who is spending the end of her summer with her family in Vancouver. So four hours of sleep later, I find it impossible to sleep in my parent's car. We get into the city and make our way off of the freeway. Several wrong turns later we pull up to Riverview. I ran inside to get my key, mailbox combination, and other things. I then met my parents downstairs and headed up to my room and got all my stuff unloaded.

My roommate had already moved in due to working for campus security so I set my stuff down, made my bed, hung up my shirts and pow! There it was, an hour later I had the stuff I wanted my parents to help me with done and we headed over to the Pick n' Save across the street. I got some snacky stuff as well as a box of Easy Mac and a couple cans of soup, just in case I don't feel like eating in the dining hall. We headed down to the Union and picked up my books, which were all ready for pick up, which was pretty awesome. After that we drove around the area for half an hour finding somewhere to eat. We ended up going to Hooligan's Super Bar. It's right on the corner of North and, I think, Ivanhoe. Needless to say it was pretty good, I'd go back there some time if I have enough money.

After finishing lunch we headed back and my parents helped me bring up the "groceries" to my room. After a few minutes I walked them downstairs and said goodbye to them. My mom was a little teary-eyed, as expected. I tried to humor her so she wouldn't feel so bad, but it doesn't always work. I headed back up to my room, talked to my roommate and attempted to get the internet connection going. Three hours and one less than helpful phone call to the computer system people later I finally got my connection up and running. I assume this is because everyone was trying to connect at the same time, major flaw in the system.

I walked around downstairs checking out the building and attempting to open my mailbox, a failure but I'll get it, for a bit and headed upstairs due to simply being exhausted. I took the rest of the night to relax and Skype with my girlfriend, probably for way too long, but hey, what are you gonna do? I've found that she's a pretty damn solid person to confide in and talk to without holding things back, that'll happen after four years. There I am talking to her until I'm about ready to pass out to exhaustion and I get to sleep. It was the best sleep I've had in months. Sure, the beds not as big as I'm used to but it was a lot more comfortable than I expected. So I wake up the next morning and see it's 9 o'clock. I said to myself, "I'm not getting up, I'm getting back to sleep." Perhaps this wasn't the best decision due to having one hell of a really weird dream.

I woke up around eleven today and just hung out in my pajamas seeing as I was feeling a little less than wanting to go walk around due to homesickness. I started to get my computer set up, but gave up on that after a while. I Skyped my girlfriend again and we passed the time by talking and playing games. Let me tell you boys and girls, Oregon Trail is a fun game to compete against people with. If you're interested here's the link for you. It's a real throwback to being a kid.

Anyways, I decided I'd go take a shower. It was a little small, and it did take me a few minutes to figure out the hot/cold thing but it felt pretty nice. As expected the water pressure wasn't as high as I'm accustomed to, but it's still better than the place I stayed in New York a few years ago. Anyone whose seen the episode of Seinfeld knows what I'm talking about. I felt exactly like Kramer.

Here's a room tour of Riverview, through pictures!

The closet space is pretty nice, more than enough room for me to hang my shirts.

The dresser is pretty nice, although I didn't have much to put in the drawers.

I didn't have to raise my bed more than a couple notches above where it already was in order to store my stuff under it. I've got about six decent sized boxes and a big storage tub so it's a really good place to put your things.

Two posters I brought from home to remind me of some inside jokes as well as just being entertaining movies.

And finally my desk where I am currently sitting and typing this up. It's pretty nice a spacious so I can toss random stuff and still be able to see the portrait of Dwight that was drawn by my girlfriend. If you couldn't tell I really like my girlfriend, hah.

Anyways, that's in for now. I'm still getting used to the place and I'll eventually plot out how to get to my classes before Thursday, probably tomorrow or Tuesday.

The Dude abides.

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