Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 4

For anyone who ever told me that high school would be the best four years of my life...you suck. I love the idea of college. I love BEING in college. I can come and go as I please, hang out with friends whenever and wherever I want, and I don't have to worry about keeping my room as clean as my mom always wanted it to be. Mind you, I don't come into my room and just throw things all over, and everything has it's place, but I don't have to make my bed if I don't want to and I can keep things wherever I want. That wasn't the case back at home.
I love the fact that there's ALWAYS something going on here. You could ride up and down in the elevators in the Sandburg towers and you're pretty much guaranteed to find something happening in one of the lounge areas. Here in North Tower, 15th floor has an activity almost every night. One night I went up there and watched Mean Girls with them and then we split into 2 groups and one played Apples to Apples and the other played BananaGrams.
My roommate and I had our first adventure on the bus yesterday. We went over to the Walmart on Capital to get a few things. Word of advice - NEVER bring a pack of soda (or "pop" for those of you not from Wisconsin :P) onto the bus. We bought a 24 pack and had to hold it while waiting for the bus back and then on the way back, the bus stopped early and we had to get out and walk 2 blocks. Worst choice of my life.
Overall, it's been a great couple of days. I'm not really looking forward to classes - I still haven't walked around to find them all! But I'm sure I'll figure it out!


  1. Were you on the 62? When it stops at the Union, it's on a layover. If you feel like waiting 5-10 minutes, it will drive in front of Sandburg again.

  2. Yeah we were, but the bus driver turned off the bus and everyone got out so that's what we thought we were supposed to do too.

  3. When it's really cold out I used to be lazy and just wait for them to come back. They always do :)