Monday, August 16, 2010

My First Days at UWM

Hi! I'm Connie and a First Year Student here at UWM. This past June, I graduated from Watertown High School in Watertown, Wisconsin. All summer I've been preparing for college. I've been packing, buying things, then repacking... I've been waiting all summer to take advantage of all the opportunities UWM has to offer and I'm so happy to be here.

I work for UWM's South Campus Security, which is Cambridge, Riverview, and Kenilworth. Because of training, I got to move in early. Moving in was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. First of all, moving heavy boxes and finding a place for everything wasn't very fun. Realizing I had forgot a box at home was even worse. But, eventually, I had settled in and my family and I went out for dinner. I was able to keep strong throughout the meal, but when we returned to my dorm, it was a different story. Saying goodbye to my parents and having to face the fact that I am now on my own was difficult. We hugged and cried and hugged and cried. Then they left... And I cried. I cried over alot of things: not being able to live with my parents, not being able to play with my puppies, not being able to have meals cooked for me... ;P But I was ok. I soon remembered all the reasons I am here, and keeping that in mind helped me out alot.
Today I started training for security. I am very excited about this new job. Natalie, my supervisor, is amazing! In fact, all the staff I've met so far, from RA's to security to front desk, is so friendly and as excited to be at UWM as I am. I met many new people today. I had to break out of my shell a little and not be afraid to be proactive about my life, but it was worth it. After all, No Fear... No Limits.


  1. Hi Connie is your loft from the UW or one you did yourself? my daughter is coming to Cambridge next week and we didn't get a loft because she thought it would be to high, but by the looks of your pictures it doesn't.

  2. Hi Jayme,

    I'm pretty sure Connie is in training all day, so you might not hear back from her until tonight. From the looks of it, Connie didn't get a loft, but rather set the bed frame on one of it's highest settings. I'm sure she can clarify that for you, but the bed frames are adjustable to about 4 feet in the air without a loft.

  3. Liz is right. Sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner. I was training. My bed is adjusted to the highest setting. It is not lofted. Just a note; because of the way I have my side of the room set up, I can't access the ladder part of the bed. I purchased a step stool so I can get into bed easier. Being 5'5", I can't get on it without a running start otherwise :)

  4. I think I met you in the training.

  5. Maybe. I have my name badge now. So if you see me, I'd love it if you'd introduce yourself! (my hair is blondish now)

  6. Hey connie! Cute room!! I love all the colors.

    I was just wondering- how tall is your dresser? if you have a sec to measure it... Housing said that the highest space possible under my bed in sandburg was the same as the height of dressers in cambridge/riverview, and I just wanted to make sure that my stuff would fit under my bed :)


  7. I just measured it for you and its about 30" I hope that helps!