Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The loose ends before leaving...

Every year I hate this point of packing. All my boxes are packed and ready to go- but now for the piles of laundry. I leave on Monday for Milwaukee but will be living in a hotel for three days before the actual September 1st move in for Kenilworth. I hate having to plan which clothes can be packed now, which need to be left out to wear in the next 5 days and which I will need to wear while in the hotel since I have many work and MSW orientations to attend. I'm sure many of you can relate.

I have finished ordering my books for the semester. A big tip that I can give you is to order them online. Although the bookstore can be considered the easy way it isn't always the cheapest. Since not all of my books were posted online at the bookstore site, I chose to email my professors to ask for the books. From that I was able to google around for the best deals. I mean who wouldn't want to pay 98 cents for a book instead of the 37 that the bookstore wanted?
Some important tips for buying online:
Pay attention the the edition or specific year that they say
Google promo codes for specific sites like or amazon. (I was able to receive $5 off one of my books because I found a promo code for an order of 50 or more.)
The 10 or 13 digit ISBN number is the easiest way to search for books
Read the seller feedback and look at their rating to ensure timely delivery
Sites like compare all the book sites to help you find the cheapest


  1. Great tips :) I've found though that sometimes the older editions work just fine. Definitely something to check with your professor about before purchasing, but I've had many professors who recommend buying an older edition since even they can't tell the difference, the material is virtually the same.

    I found my books online at Barnes an Noble, and they came with free express shipping... You can also find used textbooks through their website if that's something your interested in but those are usually older editions.

  2. Actually, I take that back... free express shipping, but they don't expect to ship my books until the middle of september :( lame. Don't waste your time with barnes and noble.