Sunday, August 29, 2010

Move In/First Day

Yesterday was close to one of the best days of my life. I was up early due to anticipation. My grandparents came over around 8:15, we started loading things in the truck and car, and left at 8:30. It was goodbye Oconomowoc, HELLO MILWAUKEE!
While we were waiting to get in the parking garage, I went in and got my key and information and met my mom and grandparents in the garage. The carts, I have to say, were smaller than I thought they'd be. But we got all my stuff up to my room with 3 carts. I had planned on lofting my bed, so we set that up, but the way the room was set up, there was just no way to do it and be able to get on my bed or even have any room. I then had to play the waiting game for my roommate to get here and see if she would be okay with bunking. Her dad helped us get the loft down and bunk the beds, so much thanks to him! That was an adventure just in itself, and then my roommate went out to eat with her parents and I stayed behind and started unpacking. Who knew unpacking would take so long?! Too much stuff - not enough space. I feel like I spent a good hour or two of the six or seven hours unpacking just shifting things around, not really putting anything away.
Eventually we both got everything done. We met up with some of my roommate's older friends from Purin and went to Noodles. We came back and visited a couple people's rooms and then my roommate and I were going to just kick back and watch some Mean Girls for the rest of the night and then crash, except a guy from the floor above us came and hung out instead and then we ended up going to watch a movie with him and his friend in his room.
We came back, awkwardly set up my bedset, and hit the hay.
Overall, it was a really good day. The funniest thing is I spent a good portion of the day (after unpacking) worrying about meeting people - worried I'd be too awkward or weird or not talk enough. Looks like I had nothing to worry about. I've already met a handful of new people who are all really fun.
Another thing that was funny was that I had this preconceived idea of how my roommate was going to be, and she's definitely way cooler.
I can only hope that everyone's move in/first day was/is as good as mine was!


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  1. What a great day, glad you like your roommate!... dunno if I can get my stuff all on 3 carts, probably not, but we'll see!