Friday, August 13, 2010

Packing up and moving out.

Everyone is starting to think about what to pack, and how they are going to move everything into their new residence hall or off campus residency. Packing can be excruciating or can be a joy depending how you pack. For me it has been a little of both. But you can help yourself save time by sitting down with a notepad and pen and writing a list of things you need. Here are some helpful tips to writing your list that I think will come in handy from my own personal experience:

1. Don't double pack.

Meaning, take only one of each thing you need unless, you really can not go back and get another. Example: I had two febreze bottles of air freshener that I packed, and had to put one back because I don't have the room for two of everything. Once you use something, then you can replace it.

2. Pack in Groups.

Make sure you are organizing your stuff while you pack. I had all of my toiletries in one box, in another box I had my cleaning supplies, clothes in one, and school supplies in another. It makes un-packing a lot more efficient and so much more easier on your memory!! You won't forget which box has what in it, especially if you label the boxes too.

3. You can have too many shoes.

I personally don't own a lot of shoes, but if you do yourself, you might want to look into buying a shoe rack or shoe bin, because the closets in the residence halls are only so big. I brought running shoes, shoes for going out, shower sandals, and a pair of comfy shoes. I just brought the shoe essentials I needed, considering how much space we have. Again, if you do want to bring more with you, get a shoe rack. You can find them almost anywhere.

4. Use small boxes.

It is much easier to pack all of your belongings in smaller boxes and stack them. Keep in mind it is a lot easier to carry in small boxes during move-in day. You won't be crashing into people and dodging around them, and shoving them into the elavators with smaller boxes compared to if you had to carry around a couple large boxes all day. Also, keep in mind your back will thank you at the end of the day if you carry smaller boxes. It helps keep the stress off of it, and keeps moving into the residence halls less stressful as well!!

Moving day is coming closer and closer for us all, and the excitement is building. Stay smart with packing, follow the rules above (or not; that's your choice), keep an open mind about move-in day, and just have a good time with it all!!

Happy packing to everyone!!

- Lauren West -


  1. I lived in South Tower in the 90's... if you pack all of your toiletries in a crate (milk crate, or choice of all them pretty ones that are sold now)... then no need to unpack... set crate under bathroom sink and you're done!!!

  2. Awesome!! Thank you for contributing the idea. I personally have crates that are being used for toiletries, and cleaning supplies. They are just like milk crates basically. I'm sure everyone could easily and inexpensively do that as well!! That will make moving in so much easier!!!!

  3. Shoeboxes work really really well too. You can flip the top on, tape it closed, move it like that, and then put the opened box right into your drawer and SHAZAM you're unpacked. Works especially well for socks and underwear...