Friday, August 27, 2010

Welcome Residents

Move-in weekend is finally here!! Everyone has waited so long for this day and now there will be many more people here. It sure was nice to be living in Cambridge Commons with about only 30 people for two weeks, but now it's time for some more residents to fill up the rooms and add some more life to this beautiful building. Hopefully everyone has packed what they needed and checked their lists of things they needed over and over, because it is a pain to leave something at home.

I personally left some of my laptop stuff at home, and other little things. I also forgot to buy some stuff like a mirror for my door, and a tack board, and other items that will help me get through the new school year.

Also, don't pack too much. I've already went through my boxes and found that there were items I brought with me that I don't need right now, or just little objects I would much rather keep at home. Now I have to make the trip back home this weekend to drop it all back off and then pick up the other things I forgot.

So please, make it all easy on yourselves and pack correctly!!

When you come here, make sure to move in as fast as you can, but don't rush yourselves too much. You only have so much time in the parking garage to get everything out of your car and onto carts. Pile your boxes into your rooms and then unpack.

Finally, when you get all settled in, make sure to see who your neighbors are, where the kitchen is, where the trash/recycling room is, the lounges, and to practice opening your mailbox.

Please respect everyone working that day as well. We are all here to do our job and to make move-in day(s) as fun and as smooth as possible. I'll even be working at the front desk from 7-10am on Saturday the 28th, so please come say "Hi!!"

Happy moving and I can't wait for people to finally be here!!

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