Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tis the Season

For years the end of August represented a certain feeling. One of impending doom as summer closes and that dreaded school starts up again. The end of August represented the end of those amazing summer days with nothing to do buy lounge on the beach or hang out with the friends that you haven't seen in ages. But as I reach the beginning of my senior year of college I find that I don't have the feeling of doom from earlier school days. Instead I am looking forward to a year filled with friends I've yet to make, classes that may lead me on the path to a promising career, and all those unexpected yet fabulous experience ahead of me. If you asked my 12 year old sister she would probably say this is the worst time of the year, but I say its shaping up to be the best. So whether this is your first year of school or your last, make it the best one yet. I know that's my goal. Good luck to all moving in this weekend! :)

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