Friday, August 27, 2010

Last few days of summer...

This summer has been amazing. Lots of great memories- new friends, bonfires, zombie tag in the park in the middle of the night, dissecting a sheep's brain to study structures for anatomy & physiology 2, and firework creations (both successful ones and unsuccessful ones).

And now for an update- I, the great procrastinator, finally got everything on my packing list together(!!), just have to get the last bits of it in boxes. I spent most of today at the mall with an old friend, hanging out and having fun, and as fate would have it I ran into friends of mine in every store we walked into… I’m going to miss that, but maybe someday some portion of Milwaukee will be that way for me, I hope.

Oh and my older sister's home visiting me one last time before I move! Yay! I love having my whole family here and together :-)

Anyway, I thought I’d show you guys a few new things I bought for the new school year-

First off we have... *que silent screams* :-D

Next off, I decided that after owning a bike for 10+ years it was due time I became a safe biker... So I bought this shiny new hat!

Third, I bought 3 new (actually old, they're a couple of his earliest albums...) Billy Joel cds... I always have, and always will, adore Billy Joel music.

If you do not know who Billy Joel is or you have not heard his music, Tina kindly requests that you urgently fix that.

Happy last few days of summer!



  1. Are you taking Italian this semester? I'm starting classes through the continuing ed department (because I'm staff, not a student) and plan to go to Italy next summer for a study tour in my PhD program.

  2. Yes I am! I traded my Arabic class for Italian last minute after seeing Eat Pray Love... I'm very excited :)

    What part(s) of Italy will you be seeing in your study tour?

  3. I'll be in Umbria, mostly, but we'll fly in and out of Rome. I think I'm extending the 8-day tour to 2 weeks so I'll spend some more time in Rome and also go to Florence.

  4. Tina, I have to say your taste in music is GREAT! I too love Billy Joel. If you ever visit Kenilworth Square Apartment and hear it coming from the 6th floor NW corridor... well, that's me! I'm glad to see someone else enjoys him too!

  5. Thanks Amanda! He is my all time favorite, my mom's too.

    I might just have to wander and follow the music then ;) it's on my bucket list to get his entire discography on my itunes.

    Have- The Stranger, Billy Joel Live, River of Dreams (wow!), Greatest Hits Vol. 3, Cold Spring Harbor, An Innocent Man, 52nd Street, Turnstiles, Streetlife Serenade, Piano Man (of COURSE!), Fantasies & Delusions (this one's pretty sweet-just piano)

    Still missing- My Lives, Storm Front, The Bridge, They Nylon Curtain, 2000 years (live), Songs in the Attic (live), Glass Houses (esp excited to hunt this one down...), and Kohuept.

    I'm not concerned about Movin Out, I got that one from the library once and hated it... So not him. Also, have you heard Root Beer Rag? I think it's one of my favorite tracks from the new cds I got, the piano part is incredible to say the least.