Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cafeteria Food

I went to the cafeteria today, as promised, and guess what? It was DELICIOUS! There are so many options. I got a tortellini pasta salad (only $2.99!) and some chocolate soy milk. It tasted better than I would have guessed, and came in a convenient container so that I could bring the leftovers back to my room. I was surprised at how many healthy options were available, instead of just what I consider to be typical "cafeteria food".

I was curious as to where my meal plan was valid, and where I would need to use cash or my gold account. As it turns out, other people have been wondering the same thing. As asked on the facebook page of  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee University Housing, they give a clear answer, "you can use your meal plan [at the union], but you pay the same price as you would with cash. In the residence hall cafeterias, you pay 50% of what you'd pay with cash (b/c you paid the administration fee)". They are a great resource for any general questions you have about housing, and have even helped me with completely unrelated items. They can be easily found at


  1. Ah, I think I spy a tortellini pasta salad!... Didn't really like it myself, but I absolutely LOVED their chicken caesar salad. I don't know if it was their sauce or what but it was great.

  2. Yep, it is! I will have to try that now!