Saturday, September 18, 2010

Room Tour, Finally

Since I'm stuck at home sick (hey look at that, UWM's home now!) I figured I would take the time to post a room tour.... I am feeling a lot better though, so that's good news :)

Tina's crib *que mtv song*
1 bed
1.5/4 baths (1 shower + 1 toilet + 2 sinks / 4 girls)
1/4 kitchen AKA my fridge.
1/2 car (a bike)

I opted to not loft my bed because I like my bed just tall enough that I roll off and am standing already, none of this climbing up and down nonsense. And futons are a pain to move, especially considering the 6 hour ride with my entire family... I do wish I had a little more open space in my room, especially since it's a single, but having my bed lower is more important to me.

My room during move-in. Hectic day

My closet, it's pretty great, lots of space, and yes, I do have a lot of clothes...
My "kitchen" if you will ;) The water heater's super useful for making tea since we're not allowed microwaves in our rooms, each house (every two floors) shares one. Which I appreciate, given the amount of fire alarms we'd have if everyone had a microwave... A lot. We've already had one for burnt popcorn, the whole tower had to evacuate at 11pm. A lot of people were crabby the next day...
My beautiful new dishes, from the clearance rack of urban outfitters. Well, except that mug in the background, I got that years ago at pier 1 imports.

My bed prior to posters getting posted. Panda wasn't ready for the picture... And that's my hello kitty cd alarm clock on top of the last green drawer :) The drawers under my bed are stackable and pull open, they're useful and they add a lot of color to the room (lime green/purple). My pink storage foot stool adds a little bit of seating in my room when I need it.

My posters that I added above the head of my bead. Billy Joel River of Dreams, Mona Lisa Smile, WWF magazine page, and Dream.

My desk. Take note of my "I'm a republican fan" fan, it makes me giggle everytime I see it :) Oh and andy warhol, no room is complete without him! Oh and yes, lava lamps are fair game in the dorms, I checked the resident handbook on that one... :)
My room's a LOT brighter in person, the comforter itself is pretty blinding in it's hues... Best seen in that first move in picture.

That's pretty much it. Now, as they do it on mtv cribs-

Get out, NOW ;-)


  1. Do you have a single? What made you choose having a single over a double (if you do)?

  2. I do have a single.

    Last year my roommate and I had a completely different lifestyles and sleeping patterns, and our personalities did not mesh well. It was a lot of added stress for both of us. I figured with the big move here (5.5hrs) having a single room would be one less thing for me to adjust to or worry about since I'm used to living in the country and having a quiet room. It's been a great fit for me since I still have suitemates, it's not at all lonely, but I still have a little space of my own to study or chill in.

  3. Thats exactly how I felt too! Last year I had a dance major roommate who wasn't really in tune with the real world. We did not get along at all, and I just wanted one less thing to worry about. Last year I was a 24 hour drive away from home so it was really hard. Single life is the life for me!