Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Classes Start Tomorrow Already!

Today is officially my third day at UWM. I have started to receive a lot of questions from my family and friends back home anxiously asking, "How is school?!" I'm sure they are all pretty nervous because I have already transferred schools after one semester and they probably think I'm going to suddenly change my mind again. The truth is that there is so much to do here, so many options, that I don't even know where to start. I can hardly even get into one conversation what this change has been like for me.

Classes start tomorrow and I can't wait to start meeting new people. My old school was so small that we all knew each other from facebook three months before school even started. We knew who was in all of our classes, and everything about each other. My class size was under 500. Imagine my surprise to show up here and there are 500 people in my residence tower alone! 

Okay, I have a bit of a confession to make to all of my followers out there. I haven't eaten any school food yet since I moved in. I have been eating PB&J sandwiches and Wisconsin Colby Wheat Thins (I found this fitting) in my room since I got here. Its not like I am scared, or don't know where the cafeteria is located. I don't really know why I haven't ventured out. I'm sure this is something I will look back on and remember how silly it was. But I'm making a promise to you, and to myself that tomorrow I will go eat a decent meal here for the first time. I remember freshman year, when every single new kid sat at their own table eating alone and just looked at all the other kids eating alone. So if you are new here, like me, and feeling a little bit lonely, don't be afraid to come sit by me and introduce yourself! I'm always willing to make new friends!

Today has been kind of a gross day outside. I walked to Oakland Street to check it out, and it started raining on me! I came back to my room and decided that there is no better time like the present to get your career going, so I started constructing a profile for all of my photography. I should probably start getting my things together to make sure I am ready to go to classes tomorrow, I haven't even looked at a campus map yet! I will make sure to fill you in on how the first day of classes goes. Until then be sure to check out some of my photography work, and sit with me at lunch if you get a chance!


  1. There's one on 3rd floor in sandburg, follow the big stairs between the emporium and towers N, turn right once you get to the top and keep going and eventually when you hit a wall it's on the L (that's the only way I know how to get to it...)

    The emporium is in the main arae, just past where you checked in and got your key on the right side and past the grind as well. And across from the emporium is palms, which is where you can get dinner after the cafe on third closes. I hear the Italian sandwiches are really good.

    So are you a photography major then? We should def go get food together sometime, I'm in serious need of friends around here!

  2. Tina - you can also access the cafeteria from the 3rd floor of any of the tours, or the stairwell off the lobby by South Tower.

  3. Well, I am a journalism major. At my last school I was a photojournalism major, but they don't offer that here so I am concentrating in Documentary journalism, which includes photography. I figured that majoring in it isn't as important as just working on getting better and promoting myself. For sure we should get food together. We are facebook friends, yes? Let me know when a good time for you is.