Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fashion Forward.

Yesterday, after I was walking back to my room from class, I saw a boy wearing a shirt that said, "Just Do It Milwaukee". Not only am I in love with Nike's branded phrase "Just Do It", but I also enjoy wearing shirts that represent the places I have been. After spending some time on Google, and enlisting the help of my friends, I was not able to find where it was sold. (If anyone knows, please TELL ME!) 

This got me thinking about the kind of fashion that takes place in college, and how it is always changing. The first few days of school everyone always looks their best. As the weeks go by, people start breaking out sweatpants, hoodies, slippers, and sometimes fail to change out of their pajamas altogether. 

This year, comfortable is in. I have spotted a lot of gladiator sandals around campus, a good alternative to heels this season. This look can be dressed up or kept casual by pairing them with a good pair of skinny jeans, an oversized button up top pulled together with a waisted belt and some good accessories. 

As the seasons change and the temperature starts to drop we are going to put our sandals away and take out our boots. Last year Ugg boots were very popular, and in a cold climate such as the Midwest they will always exist. This year though, the previously popular Uggs have been traded in for Moccasin boots. This is one trend that I will not be following. Moccasin boots are like Justin Timberlake or Britney Spears. Although at one time they may have been popular, a love for these nowadays should just be kept in the closet.

In a recent interview with Nina Garcia, in U4U Magazine, she suggests what students should wear to an “occasion” such as going to class. “Well, you have to ask yourself, what do I really want to say with what I’m wearing? Where am I going? Who is going to watch me?  What message do you want to give, if there is a message? Or, is it that you really want to be comfortable and practical? So, it depends.” She also goes on to say how you can use fashion to be competitive in your studies and get an edge in the workplace by carefully analyzing your wardrobe. The full article can be found at and is located on page 2. 


  1. I have seen the Just Do It Milwaukee shirts at Champs at Bayshore. Not sure if they still have them though, and they may only have men's sizes.

  2. Thanks! I will definitely take a trip over there to find out!

  3. yes! nina garcia is very correct in her statement.
    i imagine my outfit for the following day before snuggling up in my lofted bed at night.
    school is definitely an occasion, and should not be disregarded with sweatpants and northfaces.

  4. Definitely agree with you... I don't plan on buying a pair of moccasins but they're definitely a trend. Good post Brit!!