Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life on the Eastside

I love it here, end of story. I have awesome suitemates, great new friends. I'm even liking my classes. Well, most of them. Physics has been surprisingly good, boring on occasion, but not bad. Italiano has been exciting and fun, completely draining of all my free time, but still super cool. Statistics, well, blah, but I guess it'll be applicable to my future in health care? On the plus side my statistics professor is pretty funny, it could be a lot worse. Meditation- the techniques discussed in class and the readings assigned have been really great, I was skeptical at first but I'm definitely getting attached my newest hobby. Ease into fitness has been good, it makes me really really sore because it's far from easy (aerobics, strengthening, yoga, weights...), but I'm loving it. Kayaking is by far my favorite class, it's with a guy named Kim who is hilarious and the whole class is 9-4 on three sundays and that's just it, you're done and you had a great time and you got a credit. This Sunday will be our third and last class, we'll be kayaking downtown Milwaukee (sooooo excited!!!).

As far as activities go I've only had time to try out a few different things so far- Blackat ultimate frisbee which was a lot of fun but too much of a time commitment, Intervarsity christian fellowship, and italiano club (so fun!). I also plan on getting involved in some volunteer work, the sailing club, and the republican club... Among others, I'm not really sure yet. We'll see what all I have time for :)

Oh and I voted!! Twas pretty exciting. I went downstairs, when I hit the address part of the registration form and tilted my head the man behind the table immediately spat out our street address, this made me giggle. Apparently no one who lives here remembers it! And then I put little lines for my selections and the paper got sucked through the machine and made a little victorious bbbeeeLLEEEP. The end. :)

Arrivederci! :)


  1. for volunteer work you should check out circle k! its a club dedicated to community service :)

  2. Good idea :) I think I'm on their mailing list from the organization fair and I will definitely check them out!