Wednesday, September 1, 2010

End of the Summer

Is summer really ending? It doesn't feel like it. Walking around today felt like swimming through a warm pool of invisible water. It was a pretty nice feeling getting back into Riverview after a few trips out. Good news for me, I'm pretty sure I'm over whatever illness I had that left me completely hunger-less the last three days. After waking up feeling like my stomach was scraping against my insides I felt that pit in my stomach that is hunger. Got out of bed, walked down to the lounge and made some soup. At the same time I managed to meet someone new that shared some similar interests as me. We talked about music and a little bit about ourselves. It's always nice to meet new people.

So after hanging out in the lounge I headed back to my room and decided to see if I could get my mailbox open. One of the guys in the other room in my suite was going down at the same time, so we double teamed it and both got our mailboxes opened, after discovering a mutual interest of the band of Montreal. I collected what was in my mailbox. It was all fliers for campus stuff and an invitation to join a frat, not interested. I put my stuff upstairs and headed over to the Pick n Save to pick up some milk and Toasted Corn, basically Roundy's generic Chex Mix. I have one problem with that place, they only ever have two lanes open and there's no fast lane or self-checkout. Those are two things that I've personally gotten used to being in supermarkets. I haven't seen one in the States without one in years, it's crazy because they don't have them in Canada. The problem was remedied with the announcement that the service counter could be used for customers with 10 items or less.

Anyways, I took my cereal and milk back to my room and stashed the milk in the fridge and relaxed for a bit. I decided to head up North Avenue, away from Cambridge, to take a look at the neighborhood up behind Riverview. It's pretty nice in my opinion. It's nice a shady thanks to all the trees and the sidewalks are in good condition. After walking around for about an hour I went back up to my room to escape the heat. With the room set to a bone chilling 66 degrees you better believe I cooled off fast.

A few hours later I headed down to the dining hall for my first experience of university food with the guys from my suite. I decided to go with the cheeseburger and a chocolate milk. Man it was just like I was back in elementary school, only the burger and milk were bigger. Oh, and the burger didn't taste like an old shoe. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how good the food was compared to my preconceived notions. Tomorrow I think I'll dive into something different, who knows what.

Also, a bit late for this tip but I feel it's a pretty good one. If you're anything like me, you love music. I have a lot of music at home on my family's desktop that I couldn't possibly fit onto my laptop. I personally use the online website on my laptop to listen to my music. Basically the way it works is you sign up for an account and it records, or as they say scrobbles, what you listen to on your account. You can either listen to your own music off of your computer or their internet radio. Right now thanks to this amazing application I'm listening to William Shatner's cover of Common People. Fun fact, the Milwaukee Ballet made an entire show based off of the music off of his album Has Been. You can find all sorts of new music, good and bad, by using this. With a download of their widget you can listen to your music, so long as you've scrobbled it, on your computer without having to keep it on your computer, and don't worry, it's completely legal.

Until next time, this is Ryan.

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