Sunday, September 19, 2010

Getting into the groove of life

So we had our first full week of classes and tomorrow starts another full week. I am starting to get into the swing of things and make a routine for myself here. The routine usually includes failing at homework and studying which needs to be changed. We started our SI review sessions and tutoring as well this week. They went super well, even though I was extremely nervous. It seems that every class is currently reviewing preterit and imperfect which I understand for the most part. I tutor all the way through Spanish 308 which concerns me slightly. I really need to start reviewing everything!

I made it to the grocery store today without my GPS! I was super excited it shows I am starting to be familiar with where I am, even though Pick n' Save is like 5 minutes away.

On Thursday I went to Chicago for the White Sox vs. Twins game. My twins swept the series which was super exciting! I've been rather upset that I can not watch the game on TV here. Tuesday night a bunch of us are going to the Brewer's game with our free tickets from PantherFest! I'm really excited because Miller Park is suppose to be amazing.

Below are pictures from the game.

I haven't done anything else super exciting lately. Tuesday night our apartment had a bake off and I made Mexican Fried Ice Cream. All of the sweets were very tasty. Saturday, the 18th was Fiestas Patrias, Chile's independence day and their 200th Birthday! I celebrated by going to a Latino restaurant on the south side of town. I also made empanadas on Monday. They are like little meat pies that are a staple in Chile's diet during their independence celebration.
Mexican Fried Ice Cream

Next weekend I am going to stay with my relatives in Chicago and then the following weekend I will be heading home for my undergrads homecoming. I am starting to really miss familiar faces here and can't wait to be able to see my family again. Since my undergrad was only 20 minutes from home I could see my family whenever I wanted!

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  1. Susan!!!

    First: I'm glad you are settling into KNW. We are glad to have you with us this year!

    Second: Find time to do your homework. After all, the friends are nice, but the education is why you are here.

    Third: You'll remember the Spanish, don't worry.

    Fourth: Congrats on finding your way around! It feels good to know where you're going doesn't it.

    Fifth: I'm glad you had fun in Chicago & that your team won.

    Sixth: I'm also glad that you are finding time to visit with your family. That is important.

    Seventh: Thanks for the Mexican Fried Ice Cream. It was delicious!

    Okay, I think this list is done. I hope you enjoyed it! :)