Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The First Week

So I haven't written because I have been just so busy with EVERYTHING! I will attempt to recap all the exciting things I have been doing. I have many photos to share as well!

I have failed at unpacking my room as well, because it's either homework or hang out with people. I guess I didn't expect to make friends to have them distract me! I met a lot of great people at the Kenilworth Block Party, almost all of us are brand new to Milwaukee so that is great! At the block party we played catch phrase and then Anthony took some of us to an open clay event in the art center in the Union. I made a pinch pot, because yes... I fail at artistic things. Since I am outgoing and wanted to do something that night I got everyone's numbers and invited them out to dinner and out in Milwaukee afterward. We had a fun time eat at a nearby Chinese place and then went to some pubs.
My Beautiful Art :)
The crew
The next day, Sunday we went on a grocery shopping trip. I drove us to the Pick'n Save. I learned you can save a lot if you have your membership card. I went for a walk with Adrian out to the lake. It was beautiful and I decided then that Milwaukee would be a nice place for this year. We made dinner with another girl, Nyla, from Pakistan. She made us a dish from home which had chicken, rice and veggies. It was rather spicy and we were sweating from eating it since we weren't used to it.

On Monday I went on the bus tour of Milwaukee. I saw so many things I really want to do. Obama was in town and we could hear him talking at the art museum. We got to go by the lake, but it was really windy and cold. After the tour some of us hung out and then went to get burritos. Delicious of course!
Natalie, Rachel and Me on the lake

Buildings downtown
The art museum
Homework has taken a back seat... but I really need to get going on that. Next week all of my SI sessions and tutoring starts so I will be quite the busy girl. I am still working on setting up my internship, but hopefully that will be underway soon as well.

We went bowling at the Union because it is free all week! I bowled a 153... not too shabby! This weekend I am going to Pantherfest and then Saturday a bunch of us are going to go explore downtown. Thursday night I am going to hit up Trivia Night with my building!

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