Friday, September 17, 2010

And I'm sick...

The night before last I had a really sore throat, and yesterday was miserable. I spent the day sleeping instead of doing homework, and I spent the night sneezing and blowing my nose instead of going out on a karaoke night with the ΦΣΣΡ girls, which is a sorority I'm rushing. Sad.

I've discovered that the quickest way to make your residence hall suite lonely and desolate is to get sick. Your suitemates will whip out the lysol and make themselves scarce, never leaving their doors open. But on the flip side mine have been really great about keeping quiet so I can sleep, I'm super grateful for that.

I can only hope that my neighbors on the other side, the ones who like to party and play loud music so much, enjoyed my constant, geyser-like sneezing as much as I did. Hehe.

I'm definitely not the only one sick in my house right now. And it was pretty inevitable that I would become sick; in every one of my classes last week at least one sick person would wander in late and sit right next to me. The last physics class I had I was pancaked between 4 sick people, in stats there was one sneezing at me from behind, the last italian class I had it was the girl on my left side... And I have a few big tests coming up that I need to do some serious studying for. So hopefully it lets off soon.

That's pretty much it for Tina's update. Remember to wash your hands with soap and eat your fruit and whatnot!

Hugs and sneezes,

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