Sunday, September 12, 2010

You Come First

Sorry I haven't been writing nearly as much as I wanted to lately. I've been so caught up in my school work and keeping relationships with people. I've been juggling appointments, and activities in and out of school. Let's just say, my schedule has been keeping quite the busy person, and when I'm not, well, I like to relax.

I'm interested in working with kids with the YMCA (which is like Big Brothers Big Sisters), and I want to join AIAS (for architecture), Emerging Green builders, and some other groups, maybe Habitat for Humanity. As you can see, that would also take up a lot of time in my day. Giving back is very important to me though.

I want to give you as a reader advice, and let you know, that during your first semester....don't take on more than you can handle. It may seem easier said than done, but when reality hits, more often than not, you will find yourself taking on more than you really can handle. Sometimes, you think you can take on the world, and you can do it all, but can always say "NO" to things you don't have time for. Don't feel bad. There are other opportunities in life. Just because you couldn't do it all now, doesn't mean you can't go back and take up the groups, clubs, activities and volunteering you didn't before.

Just remember not to "burn yourself out". Stress gets the best of us sometimes and it's sneaky. It'll just attack one day, and you don't know how or why. You thought you were perfectly fine one minute, and the next minute youre just a mess.

It's because you are taking on more than you thought you could. It's great you want to do so much with your life, but the biggest thing to remember is that you need to take care of you first. You can't take care of other things and other people unless you take care of you first.

That means less stress, more sleep, a healthier diet and exercise. Make priorities and always give yourself some much needed relaxation.

Go out and do what you want, join what you want and make a successful first semester, but keep in mind that you come first, which also means your mental and physical health.

Take care, and have a happy, healthy first semester.

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  1. Really really great post Lauren, I couldn't agree more!!