Friday, September 17, 2010

Jenna- College is a Germ Fest!!

So I am sick.. I woke up yesterday feeling like crap in general. I have a terrible stuffy nose, a headache, and I can barely talk like myself. I'm sure it doesn't help that 89% of the people in all my classes are sick as well.. Including the one that sat next to me on Wednesday in math class.. Gross!! I'm hoping to feel better soon. I stocked up on vitamin C before I came, but I may need a lot more vitamins!

Our cafeteria is finally open!! I am soo excited! I'm going tonight to dinner with one of my suitemates. Our room inspection is tonight so I hope that it goes well!! I'm off to spend time with my sister afterwards. It's so nice that one of my sisters lives in the city. She's been my mentor since I moved down here. I rode the city bus to her and my brother-in-laws place last weekend. I survived!! It's really not all that bad if you have a general idea of where you're going. You can also ask the driver if he/she calls out the stops. That helps too.

I am going home next weekend and guess what?! I'm getting another tattoo!! :] with the recent passing of my horse, I got his name tattooed on my wrist.. But I feel like I need a quote to look at every time I think of him.. It's like he's speaking the words directly to me. "Our hoofbeats were many, but our hearts beat as one." On my foot. If you know me, stop me after next weekend and I'll show it to you!!

The first full week of classes went well for me.. I actually missed my 9 am English class on Wednesday morning.. Oops. I went to sleep forgetting to set my alarm and woke up at 8:40. I hope none of you guys have done that yet! I have my first test next Tuesday in Sociology. I am hoping that it isn't too hard, it doesn't seem like it will be. I've been keeping busy between school and work so I haven't had much time to update this blog as I would have liked to. But for any of you considering living in a residence hall, do it! I absolutely love it. The sense of community is so warm and welcoming. People say hi to you out in the halls, the elevators, everywhere! You can be making a pizza in the kitchen and wind up making a new friend!

I got a care package from my mom last night and was so excited!! I sent her a list of things I needed and she sent me a huge box packed to the top! She also put in Ritz crackers and homemade chocolate chip cookies. And medicine to help me get over this cold! I miss my hometown. I miss the familiarity and knowing exactly where everything is. In Milwaukee I have a general idea of where things are around my dorm and campus but other than that I'm pretty lost! I'm looking forward to getting to know the city more though. It's always bustling no matter the hour. I hope everyone has a great weekend and I look forward to talking to you guys next week!!



  1. Hi Jenna,
    I'm sorry I am only picking at one thing here but you don't need to take large amounts of vitamin C when your sick. Having said that vitamin C is very good for your immune system so make sure you get 100% whenever you can but when you take like 400% vitamin C in things like airborne or emergenC your body will NOT store vitamin C your body will only use up 100% of your daily value the other 300% is flushed out of your body whenever you use the bathroom so take multivitamins and rest and eat well and you should be ok taking "fad cures" like that do absolutely nothing for you.


    Towser Twuenty

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  3. Towser Twuenty,
    Thanks for the advice. I don't take emergenC or anything like that. Just gummie vitamin C once every day. So that I get 100% of my daily value. But thanks for the tips!! :]]
    *I misspelled take in the first comment, oops!!*