Saturday, September 11, 2010

I think I'm starting to like it here!

The rest of the week was pretty eventful, a lot of ups and downs. Wednesday I had my night class which was quite the disaster. We received the syllabus and let me tell you, my fun little elective did not seem so fun when we were assigned to read ten chapters in a week and write little papers about our readings. After freaking out through the whole class, I decided to drop it and take a Monday night class since they haven’t started yet. I have been reevaluating my semester schedules and will hopefully still graduate in August. I am also thinking of the possibility of going abroad this summer for a two or three week program. Hopefully Costa Rica J I also went to the event where all the clubs were, which wasn’t that cool compared to my undergrads. I missed all the free cups, pizza, shirts and backpacks they gave out there.

We went to trivia on Thursday night in the Union. We all got free Pantherfest shirts for going which was sweet. My team placed fourth which was pretty good. The categories were a little dumb, there were holidays, festivals, sports, food, music and something else. So many of them all related back to holidays or festivals which are all sort of the same thing.

Friday I had a work meeting so hopefully I know what I am doing next week, I still am really confused with the computer programs that they want us to use for scheduling and attendance. I received my teachers edition of the Spanish 103 book, pretty exciting, minus the fact that it weights a ton! I met my advisor finally after my meeting. He was really nice and approved my plans. There was a grad school welcome meeting but I decided not to go because I didn’t want to be lectured on things that did not really pertain to me anyway. Rachel said it was lame anyways. I went to Five Guys with Adrian and Fritz, a German exchange student. It was delicious as always. Then we went next door to Cold Stone because Fritz hadn’t been there yet. After that was to be my first Milwaukee Public Transit experience. It wasn’t that eventful at all actually, went pretty smooth.

At 5 I went down to go to PantherFest. I was pretty set on getting there way early because I heard something about FREE Brewers tickets. We went to all the little booths and got free shirts, backpacks, key chains, cotton candy, you name it. I got two Brewers tickets for the week of the 20th so I am excited to go to the game! After we maxed out on the free goods we had like two plus hours before the actual concert started so we went to Indian Summer which was also happening next door. We found a lot more free stuff which was pretty exciting. Cards from a casino, more backpacks, notebooks, key chains and more. Then we went to watch the Grand Entry which was cool to see. They had many veterans come in and then a bunch of native dancers.

After that we decided to head over to the concert. When we walked in it was so packed. The whole lower level was full. We had seats in about the fourth row of the second level right on the aisle which we thought would be great… except not. A bunch of younger students came in and they wouldn’t go find seats above us and instead just crowded into our area and stood in front of us so we couldn’t see anything. After about 30 minutes security got angry and started blocking their path down. After about an hour of the first act I was ready to head back. I didn’t know either of the bands and was getting cold and tired. We took a shuttle back to campus and the lines at the Union just to board the bus were so crazy. We waited for a MCTS bus forever and we tried to call BOSS but they wouldn’t bring us home because we could just use a housing shuttle although those were also slow and limited. We saw about every BOSS van drive by us empty but apparently we couldn’t take them. When we got back we were starving so we hit up Ma Fischer’s which was quite delicious.

This morning I woke up and met some friends to go downtown. We took a bus to the Public Market and looked at all the delicious things. Then we did part of the Riverwalk to see the Bronze Fonz and then went to Old 3rd Street. We went to the Miller Brewery but the tours were full until 3 so Rachel and I left the boys there since Rachel had to be back. I was able to navigate us home just perfectly which was a bus rider confidence boost!

Tuesday night there is a bake off in my building and I can’t decide what to make. A Mexican dessert or a Chilean one… both are delicious of course!

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  1. Yeah for having fun! I'm glad you are finding your way around Milwaukee and having a great time doing it.

    Oh, and I vote for Chilean because I've never had it!