Sunday, September 19, 2010


Made it through my first full week of classes. It seemed to drag on FOREVERRRRRR. Probably because I have an 8 AM math class every morning during the week :/
I had my first ever "online" class for English - we did an essay discussion over D2L. That was interesting, but it seemed like too much work. I feel like I would've rather sat in class for an hour and 15 minutes instead. Maybe cause I find online discussions to be rather cheesy and lame.
I skipped my first class this week too. Oops. I needed a day to just stay in bed and recuperate from the week (not enough sleep, everyone being sick, etc), but then I ended up going to my other class of the day later on cause I felt better by then.
I met up with my cousin who I found out lives in town, so she took me to her bridal shower with her cause otherwise I wouldn't have been able to go. Saw my mom and grandma for the first time since I went off for school. That was nice, but the constant "How are you liking school?" (blah blah blah) questions from everyone got kind of annoying. It was nice to see them though. As much as I whine about how I don't like my mom (ask any of my friends), I really do miss her. Not enough of the time to actually tell her i miss her though. I feel like being away from her will make her and my relationship stronger. We used to fight a lot during my last year of high school and the summer before college started this year. I feel a lot closer to her now that she's not constantly "all up in my business".

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  1. Yuck. I have math at 9 and stats in the afternoon, I feel your pain.

    Glad to hear things are getting betterish for you and your mom!