Thursday, September 9, 2010

One Week Down, Plenty More To Go...

With the first week of classes done, I have to say that I'm just totally frickin' excited to be here.
I never went and looked for my classes before I started going to them, but I never got lost once. I'm sure I looked like a dorky freshman my first day carrying around a map, but hey, better safe than sorry!
I've already had my fair share of embarassing/bad choices, but I've learned from them. Nothing illegal or anything, mind you - I just feel like I could've made better choices.
One thing that's kind of disappointing is the food here. I mean, the food itself is decent - way better than the food in the cafeteria at high school (for me at least...) but the lack of options is kind of disappointing. I have to get up by like 8 and get ready for my day to be able to eat breakfast by the 10 (or is it 1030?) cutoff time. And it just seems like they have mostly the same thing every day, just a little bit mixed up. Like - pasta every day, but different noodles and sometimes different sauces. And my roommate and I usually eat dinner kind of late (since we get up later) and we're only left to go eat at Palm Gardens, which isn't exactly the healthiest of choices. It also kind of bugs me that the more healthy the food is, the more expensive it is. But, I guess that's life. Overall, there's not much to complain about.
People are already getting sick here - that bugs me too. I'm one of those people who gets sick ALL THE TIME. I feel like with such a big campus, there's going to be so much stuff going around and I'm rarely going to be healthy.
I tried out a Zumba class on campus at the Klotsche Center the other day. That was...interesting, to say the least. I'm not a dancer, so I'm sure I looked silly and uncoordinated. But I figured I'd give it a shot. I don't think I'll be returning, but that's just me! I'm interested in trying out the kick boxing class though.
I had posted something about college "myths" a while ago. Glad to see I wasn't coming into this thinking some of the things other freshmen do. For my classes, there's only one class where we're not required to go to the lectures. For the rest, I'm allowed 4 excused (like...with a doctor's note or whatever to prove that it was legitimate) absences, and even with those, I still lose points for attendance/participation.
Homework hasn't been so hard for me lately. I usually like to procrastinate, but I haven't been doing much of that lately. Yesterday I sat out in the lounge and did 2 hours of reading, and today I did an hour's worth of math homework.
Funny story for you though. The other day, my roommate and I were really hungry so we decided to run over to the union quick between classes. We had stopped by our room first to put some stuff away and then left. We got to the union and then she realized she didn't have her ID (or her keys, since they were all together)! Embarassing. Haha. But we rushed back to the towers with 15 minutes til class, I waited for an elevator, which quickly came, thank goodness. Then I ran to our room, grabbed her notebook and folder (which she forgot because she thought it was a different day and then realized it wasn't...) and her keychain and booked it downstairs. Then we hustled to our classes and we both surprisingly made it on time.
My birthday's tomorrow. 19, woooooo. I'm glad I only have 2 classes, and then Pantherfest! And on Saturday, my best friend is coming out to visit me and spend the night. Sooooo excited.

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